The crab and the bull ♋♉

The crab-girl collected pearls, stones and other fascinating objects on the shore. She liked the water, especially on the moonlit night.

Just then she saw the bull-guy who did not look comfortable in these strange, new parts. He laughed with the aries, joked with the pisces, observed with the virgo, boasted with the leo and so on. But he did not look comfortable to the crab girl.

So she went to him to talk to him and make him comfortable in her own unique manner. She was a moonchild, afterall, and just like the moon she was unaware of the flow of her own tides. But she could read others well.

Her clumsy yet gentle attempts at soothing him down did not go unnoticed by him. Amused at first and attracted next, he observed her, and smiled genuinely from his heart. Her feelings in making him comfortable were not superficial. They were genuine, although innocent. Here was one person who rely wanted to make him feel better.

She supported his emotions, he did not let her trip. All they needed to realize in that instant was they liked each others’ company.

P.s. Image isn’t mine, i googled it up